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Part 391

Every motor carrier, its officers must assure that all drivers of commercial motor vehicles meet the minimum qualifications specified in Part 391.

Driver Requirement

A driver must meet the following requirements:

Be in good health and physically able to perform all duties of a driver

Be at least 21 years of age

Speak and read English well enough to converse with the general public along with understanding highway traffic and signals, respond to official questions, and be able to make legible entries on reports and logs.

Be able to drive the vehicle safely

Know how to safely load and properly block, brace, and secure the cargo

Have only one valid commercial motor vehicle operator’s license

Provide an employing motor carrier with a list of all motor vehicle violations or a signed statement that driver has not been convicted of any motor vehicle violations during the past 12 months. A disqualified driver must not be allowed to drive a commercial motor vehicle for any reason.

Pass a drivers road test or equivalent

Complete an application for employment

Possess a valid medical certificate.

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