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Hours of Service

Part 395

Every motor carrier, its officers, must assure that all drivers of commercial motor vehicles understand and follow the hours of service regulations as specified in Part 395.

Hours of Service Regulation

A driver must not driver after the 14th hour of being on duty

A driver must not drive before 10 hours of rest

A driver must not drive after driving 11 hours

A driver must take a 30 minute break before the 8th hour of being on duty.

A driver has to turn in all paperwork within 13 days to the company

34 hour rest has to have 2-1 a.m. to 5 a.m. back to back

A driver must indicate each change of duty status on all stops and fuel

These rules are to provide and increased opportunity for drivers to obtain necessary rest and restorative sleep, while recognizing the business needs of drivers and motor carriers.

All these regulations only apply to property carriers and commercial motor vehicle drivers. Passenger carriers and their drivers will continue operating while fatigue issues specific to the passenger carrier industry.

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